TV and Film News Monday 9th January 2017

The main news this weekend is the reveal of Golden Globe winners. The film that came out on top was ‘La La Land’ with 7 wins including best director. The stars of the film Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone both were victorious taking home the awards for best actor and actress.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone at The Golden Globes 2017

Despite La La Land’s success, the award for best film went to ‘Moonlight’. It was also a very successful night for the Brits as flying the flag was the hugely popular BBC show ‘The Night Manager’ where Tom Hiddleston won best actor in a mini series & Olivia Coleman won best supporting actress. Finally, Meryl Streep won the life time achievement award and used it as a platform to address the state of America’s politics. Some have praised her for talking about the issue despite not actually mentioning the president elects name whilst Trump replied this morning with a tweet saying “Meryl Streep, one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood”. Nevertheless, we’re sure Meryl’s career wont face any setbacks. Overall it was a very diverse night at the awards show.

In TV news the new talent shows started this weekend. Gary Barlow’s new talent show ‘Let it Shine’ began on Saturday night and has been called ‘ridiculously cheesy’ and ‘the nicest talent show ever made’. BBC’s new talent show has one
of bake offs dynamic duo, Mel Giedroyc and BBC chat show legend Graham Norton. Along with Gary Barlow the other judges are Martin Kemp, Dannii Minogue and Amber Riley. The opening episode brought in a respectable 6.3 million viewers